An essential area in which argan oil can convince with its special mode of action is the facial care. The Argan oil provides the skin with a comprehensive moisturizing effect and ensures a healthy skin nutrition with the valuable ingredients. The oil from the Argan’s Kernels tree fruits has always been used by the Berbers in northern Africa to keep the whole body healthy.

The optimal application of argan oil for the face

After the thorough cleansing of the facial skin, usually a few drops are elapsed on the skin. In this case, gentle circular movements are carried out without exerting any pressure. This procedure is sufficient once a day to achieve significant improvements to the skin on the face after only ten days. If the individual facial skin responds positively to treatment with the argan oil, the procedure can be done twice a day. A facial treatment usually takes place in the evening, as the argan oil can easily replace the moisturizer. In the morning, argan oil can be used as an optimal primer for a fresh make-up. Thereby, wait until the oil is completely absorbed. Since Argan oil penetrates very quickly and leaves no unpleasant film on the face, it can also be applied to the face under the eyes as well as to cracked lips.


Argan oil can also be used as a peeling

With a Peeling, the skin is freed of excess sebum, dead cells and everyday dirt, and can "breathe" again. It is important not to dry out the skin too strong, otherwise the sebum production is extremely cranked and the acid mantle

attacked. A nourishing peeling that meets these criteria is easy to perform with this recipe. Used once a week on unclean skin, the positive effect won’t be awaited. Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 TS Argan oil
  • Eggwhite of 1 Egg
  • 3 TS fresh Milk
  • 2 TS Sugar

Mix the egg white and all other ingredients with a blender until a soft paste is formed. This is distributed on the face and neck and should let it act for maximum 10 minutes, then wash off. following massage a few drops of pure

argan oil into the face and neck.


For Him!

The benefits of natural argan oil are also numerous for the beard. It allows to soften your hair and give them shine.

A few drops can be applied on your beard, then use a comb to better distribute the oil on your entire fleece. For an optimal use, you should apply argan oil after a thorough cleaning of the skin when the pores are open for deep Action. Most good beard oils contain argan, and it's certainly not for nothing...