For several centuries, argan oil has been a true miracle for the fast-growing, beautiful and healthier hair of the Berber Women in Morocco. Meanwhile, this precious oil is also becoming more popular in local latitudes. This also does not happen without reason, since the argan oil has an extremely high proportion of natural antioxidants in itself. These promote:

  • The growth of the hair
  • Protect the scalp
  • Provide moisture

Especially for long hair an additional supply of moisture is important, which can be supplied by the argan oil.

What can Hair extract from the argan oil?

With the help of the Arganöl, the hair is intensively moisturized and thus a hair drying is pevented. Various studies prove that it also alleviates hair loss and strengthens hair roots when used continuously. In this way, fast-breaking, thin hair can be obviated with native argan oil.

In order to promote the growth of the hair intensively, a hair massage with argan oil (1 to 2 times a week) can be extremely helpful. For this, 2 tablespoons of the argan oil are needed. Massage slowly on the scalp for a few minutes with slight, circular movements. Afterwards, the head is covered with a plastic hood (possibly shower hood) and then with a warm towel. After around 40 minutes, the hair can be washed thoroughly with warm water and a very mild shampoo (can also be a children's shampoo). In case of a hair loss, a massage, which is fed easily with the hands of the scalp, may be very helpful.

If the hair is very dry and also brittle, a head massage with some argan oil can stimulate the scalp and then under a pre-heated towel give the hair the needed rest to regenerate. After around 30 minutes, the oil can be thoroughly rinsed.

If only dry hair tips are to be treated, it is sufficient if a little argan oil is gently massaged at the tips.


Valuable argan oil cure for the hair

Argan oil can be used to develop its unique abilities. Hair is best absorbed when it is not burdened by silicones. They coat the individual hair, so that the care products can often not penetrate into the hair. If argan oil is used for intensive care, the hair detergents as well as the rinses should always be free of silicone.

Pre-wash treatment:

Maintains the hair intensively overnight. For this purpose, a small amount of argan oil is rubbed in both hands, and elapsed on the entire length of the hair until they are slightly stained. Such oil cures should in each case act for at least 60 minutes. An ideal and time-saving application is to apply the argan oil to the hair in the evening, to let it work during the night and to wash it thoroughly in the morning. During the day, the oiled hair can be hidden optimally within a dummy or braid head.


Argan Oil Leave-in:

Prevents brittleness and dry hair peaks. For this purpose, the dose should first be applied very sparingly to the hair, so that it does not become immediately stiff. One or two drops of argan oil are briefly rubbed in the palms of the hands and then elapsed over the affected hair lengths. When used regularly, the hair regains their shine and remains healthy.


Intensive care against hair loss

Argan oil is already offered in various care products such as Argan oil shampoo or Argan oil soap, whereby the direct application of the cold pressed argan oil can also have a relatively timed effect. Argan oil is used more and more successfully in cases of severe skin and hair problems and often results in visible success. Especially in the case of an intensive care of the hair and scalp, argan oil can substantially support the healing process and ensure natural hair growth. The regular care of the affected scalp strengthens, for example, the hair roots, prevents troublesome dandruff, and protects against thin, stringy hair. Moreover, the formation of gray hair is generally delayed by the use of argan oil. It has also been assumed that pure Argan oil can at least slow down, possibly even prevent, hair loss and even the hereditary failure of the hair.