Argan oil has been discussed around so often for some time. In addition to nutrition and medicine, the rare vegetable oil should also have a positive effect in cosmetics. In perfumeries and pharmacies, the name pours on tubes and crucibles of creams, lotions and hair care products and promotes with high promises.

But what is in Argan oil actually and with which problems does it skin, hair and face well?


Origin and composition

The precious oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit of the argan tree. Its golden yellow color and intense smell are distinctive. The endangered argan tree has high demands on its environment and therefore grows exclusively in a very limited area in the south-west of Morocco.

The recovery of the oil is time-consuming and laborious. In the case of the predominantly traditional women's hand pressing, 1 Litre of Argan Oil is obtained from approx. 30 kilograms of Argan fruit.

Argan oil contains 20% saturated and 80% unsaturated fatty acids and is distinguished by its content of tocopherols and antioxidants as well as its valuable composition of phytosterols such as Schottenol and also spinasterol.


Luxurious care for the skin and hair

Argan oil has a first-class effect as a cleanser for skin and hair. This is due to the composition of its fatty acids and the valuable antioxidants. In cosmetics, not the roasted but natural unroasted argan oil is used. In contrast to the oil from roasted kernels, it is almost odorless and still contains all its vitamins. Similarly, usually cold-pressed argan oil is used as a pure oil, which can be applied directly to the skin. For the daily care you only take a few drops, for a mask it can be something more. The high-quality ingredients of the precious oil have a moisturizing and nourishing effect on dry, rough and damaged skin. Sensitive or impure skin is soothed and more resistant.

If the skin is supplied with sufficient moisture, Argan Oil makes dryness pains disappear and through its antioxidants prevents from the skin aging.

The areas of application range from the face, over the entire body to the hair. Argan oil makes dry, brittle and stressed hair shiny and supple. Dryness itchy scalp is calmed and cultivated. The pure oil can be used dropwise in the hair tips

or distributed as a cure in the entire hair before washing as well as applied specifically to the scalp.


Interesting is, that there is the possibility of upgrading existing care products with the Virgin oil. The hair care works with Argan oil more intensively and makes the hair look healthier and stronger. Creams soften the skin significantly

better. If a few drops are added to the proven skin cream or hair rinse, a luxurious care product is obtained, in which the degree of action can be metered in stepwise.