It would be more than annoying for you as a customer, if such a high-quality oil is inedible by an unwitting wrong storage or unusable. That is why we want to explain to our customers and Cosmetic Argan oil consumers, the proper storage and the contained ingredients of Argan oil.


Storage of Argan Oil

Storage is also an important factor for quality assurance. The golden oil should be stored cool, dry and dark in a glass bottle. The reason for this is that light, solar radiation and prolonged contact with the air can trigger chemical reactions, which can lead to argan oil becoming acidic. In this case it can lead to the perishability of the goods.

If the storage is too cold, for example in the refrigerator, the oil becomes denser and ultimately turbid and flaky, which is not a problem. At a normal room temperature the argan oil regains its old, clear state without loss of quality.


A sediment in argan oil? No reason to worry!

This means that the oil is really natural (native). The deposits in argan oil dissolve by shaking before opening the bottle. Our oil can be stored for a very long time, so that there is no reason for panic to have to use it quickly. Shelf life from date of manufacture: 22 months.


Ingredients of L'ARGANIER:

The "golden oil" of Morocco makes not only its elaborate production so particularly among the oils, but also the composition of its ingredients. Argan oil offers a unique combination of few saturated and many simple & polyunsaturated fatty acids, a vitamin E complex, as well as plant sterols.