What should you watch out for when purchasing Argan oil?

How do you recognize a high-quality product? Just when buying argan oil, you should put on quality features. We have put together the best tips to help you make the right purchase.

For cosmetic purposes it is advisable to buy the native argan oil as it is odorless and can be applied to the skin without any problem. you can apply it in the face as well as in other Body places.


You should pay attention purchasing Argan oil so that you can see if it is a high-quality product or not:

  • Check the ingredients: The bottle should contain "100% argan oil" or "100% Argania spinosa core oil".
  • Check the bottle: Do not buy argan oil stored in plastic bottles. Even transparent and slightly colored bottles are not a good choice. Argan oil is best stored in a glass bottle.
  • The price of argan oil: Always consider the elaborate manufacturing process. If you want to buy completely pure and high quality argan oil, you have to assume a price of approx. 25 - 55 € per 50ml. At lower prices, you should keep in mind that other ingredients are included and that you do not have pure argan oil in front of you.
  • The smell: Argan oil produced in Morocco has a slight smell. Neutral or bad smelling argan oil should be avoided since it has probably been heated during the production process.