Argan oil is one of the most valuable vegetable oils of our world. The unique combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids is the basis for the "Gold from Morocco" and its worldwide fame. Argan oil protects our organism at the cellular level due to its high vitamin E content.

All Cunsomers are always inspired by argan oil and its natural ingredients, which originate from the argan tree (argan nut). This so-called "tree of life", has been protected by UNESCO since 1998 and is an important part of Berber culture in Morocco. Moreover, it will always be an effective addition to beauty and health-conscious people.


Argan oil protects the skin and renews the cells

Argan oil consists of approximately 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids, which play an extremely important role in the healthy cell formation of the skin. It is the ideal skin care or an optimal additive for the body care. The fatty acids contained in the Argan oil, such as, for example, linoleic acid, are doubly unsaturated and belong to the Omega 6 group. Linoleic acid gives the skin the highest vitality as well as elasticity. Furthermore, it protects the body skin from dehydration and erects a protective barrier, which prevents adverse environmental influences. This in turn counteracts premature wrinkling. For pregnant women, the unsightly pregnancy strips can be avoided by a gentle argan oil massage.


Argan oil can provide the skin an all-round care program

Especially during the year’s cold month, when the body is permanently covered by warm clothing and partly in several layers, the skin needs additional moisture care. With argan oil, the skin can maintain the natural balance. In order to give the whole skin the required care, native (cold pressed) argan oil can be used as a relaxing massage oil.

For extremely dry skin, argan oil provides valuable moisture to the skin. For example, a few drops can be massaged directly after the shower on the particularly dry skin areas with gentle circular movements. Since the lips have no sebaceous glands, they need additional moisture. Argan oil can then be used in the Lip care: A drop of it can be distributed two or three times a day, so that they stay always moisturized, remain supple and have no chance of cracking.

Argan oil provides valuable help in the Anti-Aging field

Argan oil for the skin has a high priority in the therapeutic treatment of various diseases such as dry eczema or atopic dermatitis. It reduces the redness and relieves the tormenting itching, so that the quality of life of those affected people is significantly increased again.
With regular consistent use, the elasticity of the entire skin is improved. With the Pure Cosmetic argan oil, a precious natural Anti-Aging product is thus available, which shows no side effects and provides women and men with valuable services for the entire body during their midlife. Interesting also is, that argan oil is one of the most used ingredients of high-quality cosmetics.